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IONM Procedures

Types of IONM Procedures Available

Our technology and teams have assisted in more than 25,000 neurosurgery procedures.

The Head and Spine Institute offers intraoperative monitoring services for numerous neurosurgery procedures. Our IONM testing helps surgeons identify at-risk neural structures and reduce the possibility of permanent post-operative damage.

Patients undergoing “orthopedic”, “neurological” or “neurovascular” surgeries, as well as “other procedures” such as radical prostatectomies or thyroidectomies, may benefit from these available IONM options:

Evoked Potentials

  • Somatosensory Upper/Lower (SSEP)
  • Auditory (BAER)
  • Visual (VEP)
  • Motor (NMEP/TCMEP/MEP)


  • Transient
  • Stimulated

Brain and Peripheral Nerve Mapping

  • Motor
  • Sensory

As IONM evolves into the medically-recognized standard of care in neurosurgery procedures, our teams at the Head and Spine Institute are proud to maintain collaborative relationships with hospitals and surgeons. This commitment to communication between our highly-specialized clinicians and the surgeons they assist enables the rapid, intraoperative responses that are vital to reducing the risk of iatrogenic damage.

To request our IONM services for neurosurgery procedures at your hospital, contact us online or call 972-786-6167.